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    GIANT SUPER MARIO Surprise Egg Play Doh - Nintendo Game Toys TMNT Spongebob Marvel
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    2016-03-06 11:30:00
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GIANT SUPER MARIO Surprise Egg Play Doh - Nintendo Game Toys TMNT Spongebob Marvel The very first surprise after opening up the egg was a Transformers Action Vinyls blind box with a Trailbreaker in it. Next was a Minecraft the Stone series blind box and the toy hidden inside was a Zombie! The very first Super Mario toy we pulled out of the egg was a Mario plush wearing overalls and a red hat with the letter M on it. After that, we found a Justice League Chibis mystery pack with 3 toy figures per pack, which were Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. Next, was a SpongeBob SquarePants Eraseez bind bag with 2 Erasers inside. The first eraseez was Sandy the squirrel and the second eraseez was Patrick Star, two of Spongebob’s best friends. The second Super Mario surprise we got was a World of Nintendo Mario figure with a mystery accessory. Inside of the mystery box was a giant red mushroom. After that we pulled out a Marvel collectors keyring series 3 blind bag from the surprise egg and inside was Deadpool holding two swords. The Super Mario K’Nex series #4 blind bag was next and in it was Bob-omb. After that awesome surprise, we got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mashems blind pack series #2 and inside was a super squishy Mickey mashem. Next, was an Imaginext series 5 blind bag from Fisher Price and inside of it was a Samurai man with armor, straw hat, and a trident. The Samurai man decided to fight Aquaman, but instead they quickly became friends! Soon after that, we picked up an Avengers series 1 bobbleheads blind bag and the toy inside was Nick fury, the leader of Shield. The very last surprise was a Super Mario Dog Tag blind pack and it came with a foil trading card, dog tag, and decal stickers. The sticker we got was of Bob-omb and a bunch of text that says “BOB-OMBS AWAY!” The foil trading card was of Boss Sumo Bro a giant kappa turtle. The dog tag was of Bowser Jr. throwing bob-ombs at people. You might also enjoy my other videos: GIANT ZELDA LINK Surprise Egg Play Doh https://youtu.be/rbn_OneaOko Marvel DEADPOOL Play-doh Giant Egg Surprise https://youtu.be/wZEPMzQnc3c SUPER GIANT PEPPA PIG Playdough Surprise Egg Eating Ice Cream https://youtu.be/akGhWX3Lqck Disney Frozen Kristoff Huge Playdoh Egg https://youtu.be/tKpXRagvpf8 Giant Pokemon Charizard Surprise Egg Play-Doh https://youtu.be/05BYRGx1LMA Kung Fu Panda Po Play Doh Cans Toy Surprises https://youtu.be/EG09wOfjjSs LEARN HOW TO COOK with Play Doh Vegetables https://youtu.be/J3O-V-1irMY Thanks for watching. Please like, share & subscribe.

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